Free Speech for People

Subtitle "SCOTUS = SCum" Actually, I think Dems and progressives need to stop wringing their hands and moaning about public financing, and accept the Supreme Court's Jan 21st ruling that corporations are entitled to spend unlimited funds in our elections for what it is: a great gift tossed right in our laps in our time of need, and a fabulous wedge issue for 2010, 2012, and possibly beyond.

December is for Cynics

It is hard for me to decide what was the most cynical abuse of a news story for political opportunism this week:  do I choose the national story of Republicans wailing that the failed Christmas Underpants Bomber was the President’s fault because he refuses to use the phrase “war on terror” every day, or should I choose my local tiny-town story of potheads linking a violent rape to police preoccupation with chasing around potheads?

Splitting Hairs

So, the Washington Post prominently displays its top article on A1 today about a poll of Republicans and Republican leaners . 4 pages of charts, graphs and puffery about the Direction of the GOP, but NOWHERE can I find the most important piece of data – in their random sample, how many people self-identified as Republicans?