We specialize in providing accurate, customized opinion research and strategic advice to candidates, government, business and charitable organizations throughout the country.

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Victoria Research creates, designs and analyzes survey projects that are conducted on:

  • Landline telephones

  • Mobile phones

  • Text invite-to-online

  • Online interviews

  • Mailed surveys

  • Hybrids of any of the above.

We start by helping you identify and articulate your research goals, from which we construct the best possible sampling methodology. We guide you on how to make tough choices about which questions to include and which to cut, in order to meet your project’s goals while staying within its budget.

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Qualitative research like focus groups and in-depth interviews are a useful reality check - real people, in their own words, reacting to your ideas, and occasionally dropping pearls of wisdom that never occurred to you.

  • In-person focus groups usually take place at a focus group facility with 8-12 participants, but we also regularly use local hotels and conference centers in less-urban areas. In-person groups serve an important dual purpose of allowing our clients to put a face to participants’ opinions and also allowing us to observe body language, tone, and other personal factors that are not possible interacting with someone behind a keyboard.

  • Online Focus Groups and QualBoards are two common forms of online qualitative research. Online focus groups take place at a set time with participants logging in at the same time, whereas QualBoards ask participants to come back multiple times over the course of a few days and respond to the new posted questions. Online groups are a great way to test media and gauge reactions in ways that are not possible in person, like heat maps and mark-ups. These discussions are interactive and allow moderators to ask follow up questions, post new material based on feedback, and provide rich qualitative data as a result.

  • One-on-One interviews can be conducted via FaceTime or in person and are typically used with highly sensitive topics that are harder to discuss in a group or with executives, board members, or people with a specific expertise to sounds out ideas before designing further research.


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Donna Victoria

Donna Victoria is the founder of Victoria Research and has been a pollster for thirty years. She started her business around these concepts: accessibility, commitment, integrity and accuracy.

Donna has been the pollster and political strategist for gubernatorial, congressional, state legislative, mayoral, and other candidates up and down the ballot. She also conducts polling for ballot initiatives, issue advocacy, labor unions, government clients, and membership organizations across a wide spectrum of issues.

In 2018 Donna worked with Women VOTE to shepherd numerous women candidates through hotly contested primaries, including the first Democratic woman elected to Congress from Iowa and Sharice Davids, and LGBT Native American elected to Congress from Kansas. She help Marc Elrich win a seven-way primary to become the new County Executive of Montgomery County (MD), and helped the Maryland House of Delegates Democratic Caucus win back a record number of seats, despite an easy win for Republican Governor Larry Hogan at the top of the ticket. In 2017 VRC helped elect new mayors in both San Antonio and Minneapolis.

Prior to founding Victoria Research, she worked at Lauer, Lalley, Victoria Inc. (LLV), a Washington based public opinion and polling firm In 2000-2001 Donna was a Vice President for Socratic Technologies, designing and conducting some of the earliest online surveys, Web usability studies, customer satisfaction models, and new product development studies. She developed an early online dial-testing prototype in 2000 to test live reaction to Super Bowl ads.

Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida Donna holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in political science from the University of Florida. She has lectured on political polling and research at the Yale Women’s Campaign School, at Training Ms. President for a consortium of Maryland liberal arts colleges, at the University of Florida’s graduate degree program in Political Campaigning and at the Women & Politics Institute at American University. She is a member of the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC).

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Donna Victoria saw the road to victory when most others thought I was a long-shot with no chance of unseating a 32-year incumbent.
— — Congressman Dave Loebsack, Iowa CD-2

Victoria Research has provided political research for a range of clients including Democratic party organizations, independent expenditures (IEs), political action committees (PACs), state caucuses, labor unions, non-profit organizations, and Democratic candidates at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our client list includes, but is not limited to:

+ Members of Congress

Leonard Boswell (Iowa CD-03)

John LaFalce (New York CD-29)

Dave Loebsack (Iowa CD-02)

Rick Nolan (Minnesota CD-08)

Jim Oberstar (Minnesota CD-08)

Louise Slaughter (New York CD-28)

Bruce Vento (Minnesota CD-04)

+ State Officeholders

Jimmy Anderson, Representative (Wisconsin HD-47)

Neal Breslin, Representative (New York HD-46)

Susan Bysiewicz. Lieutenant Governor (Connecticut)

Brian Clem, Representative (Oregon HD-21)

Mike Busch, Speaker of the House of Delegates (Maryland HD-30A)

Rob Nosse, Representative (Oregon HD-42)

Lori Swanson, Attorney General (Minnesota)

Kathleen Taylor, Representative (Oregon HD-41)

Cecelia Tkaczyk, Representative (New York HD-46)

David Valesky, Representative (New York HD-49)

Jennifer Williamson, Representative (Oregon HD-36)

+ Local Officeholders

Mike Breslin, County Executive (Albany County, New York)

Doug Duncan, County Executive (Montgomery County, Maryland)

Marc Elrich, County Executive (Montgomery County, Maryland)

Jacob Frey, Mayor (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Mark Mallory, Mayor (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Tony Masiello, Mayor (Buffalo, New York)

Ed McNamara, County Executive (Wayne County, Michigan)

Rob Nirenberg, Mayor (San Antonio, Texas)

Paul Soglin, Mayor (Madison, Wisconsin)

Rebecca St. John, Circuit Court Judge (Dane County, Wisconsin)

+ PACs / Independent Expenditures


Denver Future Fund

EMILYs List / Women Vote

Fight Back NY

FuturePAC (Oregon)

House Majority PAC

Houston Turnout Project

Project Lakes & Plains (Minnesota)

+ State Caucuses

Illinois House Caucus

Indiana House Caucus

Maryland House Caucus

Michigan House Caucus

Minnesota House Caucus

Minnesota Senate Caucus

New Jersey House Caucus

New York Senate Caucus

Ohio Senate Caucus

Oregon House Caucus

Vermont Democratic Party

+ Issue Advocacy

Arcus Operating Foundation

Center for Climate Integrity

Coalition for Progress (Michigan)

COLORR - Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights

FairShare Pittsburgh

Fight For $15

Human Rights Campaign

Lambda Legal (Illinois)

Michigan Environmental Council

National Audubon Society

Nattional Democratic Institute (Belarus)

The Nature Conservancy

Transportation 4 Michigan

+ Labor

California United Long Term Care Workers

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

SEIU Healthcare PA

SEIU Vermont Homecare

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