Splitting Hairs

So, the Washington Post prominently displays its top article on A1 today about a poll of Republicans and Republican leaners . 4 pages of charts, graphs and puffery about the Direction of the GOP, but NOWHERE can I find the most important piece of data – in their random sample, how many people self-identified as Republicans?

 In general, Republican IDs have dropped from a high of about 33% in the 2002-2004 period to between 20 and 24% today.  I want to know if 18% of 20% of American adults want Sarah Palin to be their nominee (translates to ~4% of U.S. adults) or 18% of 33% (translates to ~6.5%) want Rogue-Gal.  Why?  Well, cuz I’m a geek and I want to know exactly what the Washington Post has devoted so much time and effort reporting today – is Palin’s overwhelming support 4% or 6% of U.S. adults?.