Take A Vote, Boehner

The lunacy has at last roused me out of my stupor.  I’m going to inaugurate my new blog next week, but thought I’d actually stretch my legs with a brief rant today, then vow to spend the rest of the week on my Dan Savage rebuttal – or addenda.  So today, the latest talks have the House putting together one debt ceiling proposal and the Senate putting together another – meaning no talk of compromise.  Without spilling more ink on this travesty, bring a vote, Boehner.  We’ve got a pretty good idea of what the Senate can and can’t do, but there is really no evidence that the GOP House majority has any way to pass any debt ceiling hike – latest today is that they are trying to pass a 6-month ceiling hike, and add some of their absurd cut, cap and balance items to the mix.  To that I say:  go ahead.  Show us that there is anything that raises the debt ceiling that you have a majority behind, and show it the old-fashioned way – by a dang vote in the House of Representatives. There are too many republicans who have sworn they will not vote for a debt ceiling hike under any circumstances.  Can’t think of any House Democrats who are going to jump at the chance to relive this argument again in January, and take as a reward severe cuts to Medicare and Social Security, that have never been debated, and whatever other random red meat they throw into this hasty bill.  I’m wagering that they’ve screwed up the rhetoric so high on the right, there is no GOP majority in the House for anything that avoids a default.  They’ll be left saying they’ll allow the White House to raise the debt limit by itself – that’s a real profile in courage moment.

Take a Vote, Boehner.  I Dare Ya.