Dear Twitter: Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa which Donna Reveals that not only did she attend parochial school for 12 years, Not only did she study Latin and attend the State Convention of the Junior Classical League (!) BUT... she was terribly wrong about Twitter.  Aigh!  There, I said it. I originally named this blog "Because I Won't Tweet" which was really clever in 2008, when like most old people I was pretty confident this flash in the pan would not last.  Not so clever in 2011 when I finally, grudgingly got a Twitter account.  Dang.  Let's get this over with.  Since I wrote a snarky "top 10" list of reasons I would not tweet, I feel obliged to return to the snarky format to try to redeem myself.

  1. Okay, so someone should have let me know that Twitter would make my ADHD dreams come true!  Constant feedback!  Minimal reading!  Manufactured sense of import!  It’s perfect for not getting tedious work chores done…
  2. Like blogging.
  3. Following lots of conservatives.  And then they follow me…Feels very Spy vs. Spy, of course I am the rarely seen female from Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy, because I noticed that unlike Black or White, she never loses!
  4. After 20 years of email, I am slowly, slowly learning how to self-censor and not flame.  And that everything is forever on the inter-Web.
  5. I will be proven wrong about point #4 before the year is out.
  6. My original list professed my love for No Pants Day...Yep, still love that, and it still happens, every year!
  7. 3 of my original 10 points were that "I'm old."  Now deciding to rage against the dying of the light.
  8. The sad, insecure thrill I get every time I Tweet and pick up a new follower or two.  Cue Sally Field accepting her Oscar.
  9. Brevity is the Soul of wit
  10. Kudos to Seth Grimes, who commented with #9, and was the only person to try and talk me out of my Twitter-bash.  There, am I forgiven now?