Nuns on the Bus! Nuns on the Bus!

Ryan pick Today makes this post seem re-post worthy!  

Or perhaps a better title, "Why are Democrats not championing the nuns?"

So, I'm going to try and weave in another recurring theme for the blog: The Catholic Strategy, 2012. The other day Congressman Tom Latham from Iowa went on conservative talk radio, and laughed after the host made a comment about dragging the nuns off of the bus and "pistol-whipping" them. While his laugh may have been a startled reaction, as the show went on Latham made no attempt to tell listeners that he disagreed in any way with his host. Nuns. Pistol-whipping. I could focus on the wisdom of laughing at a stupid remark like this while Republicans are stalled out on renewing violence against women act, or comment on whether this might be a tad insensitive or inflammatory, given that his former colleague Gabby Giffords was shot through the head and nearly died last year -- perhaps we've had enough overblown violent rhetoric?

But that's not what really interests me. It's the word nuns. Nuns! I cannot believe that the right-wing, and conservative Catholics, have decided to name nuns to the circle of not-quite-good Americans, which so many of us seem to Occupy. And the American Bishopry -- they think they can win hearts and minds of American Catholics in a game of Priests versus Nuns? Okay.

Lesson #1: Democrats Want to be on the side of Nuns.