Online Voter Registration -- Convenient, Saves Money, and so the GOP can't possibly allow it to happen.

"Online voter registration has saved Colorado counties millions of
dollars since April 2010, and has provided our citizens with a level
of customer services they would expect from a for-profit provider.
As an added bonus, Coloradans don’t have to give their confidential
information to strangers on street corners."
—Judd Choate, director of Elections Division, Colorado State Department


I've grabbed this quote right out of the excellent new Pew Brief about Online Voter Registration  , which points out that the states using online registration are saving money for taxpayers, can provide better security than many current registration practices, and a re much more convenient for voters.  

You'd think this would be a great idea for conservatives to latch onto, but no...this is only great if you want citizens to have access to the vote.  They'll bring up fraud, but right now, most people who are new registrants get registered by campaign volunteers, who have an agenda, issue advocates (ACORN, anyone?) who have an agenda, or the DMV, that model of efficiency and calm that has been drafted into doing it in some states as a side job that is not any part of their core mission.  Online could not be worse than this hodgepodge.