bad catholic

Bad Catholic III: Personhood

I’ll admit, the whole Pope-thing whizzed by so fast I did not com­ment, and dropped this thread so to recap on Pope-ery thoughts; I’m cau­tiously opti­mistic about this guy, he is set­ting the right tone, and while not tech­ni­cally a Euro­pean, an eth­nic Ital­ian from South Amer­ica is the per­fect com­pro­mise for a hide-bound church.  And I love Jesuits irrationally, for their rationality.

Bad Catholic II : Convocation

I let work keep me away for too long, now I really need to step it up. I am hopelessly fascinated by the drama; being a Catholic is much similar to being a non-practicing Jewish person; having been raised in it, I may agree with much of the outside criticism, but at some point the non-Catholics take it too far and I have to say "wait a minute..."